Cook With Shuk Cooking Programme

A hands-on cooking programme that won the prestigious Tourism Malaysia Award for 2004 for The Best Tour Programme ( Special Interest )

You will be brought to Shukri's own home which is a magnificent traditionally built Malay house standing in the forest on a hill with beautiful views to the sea beyond. Shukri will take you round the house garden to see, smell and feel many types of spices and leaves that have been used for generations in cooking Malay food. His own knowledge passed down through his family is a fascinating aspect of the whole cooking experience as he explains. Then you will be taken to the kitchen and take part in blending and making the cooking ingredients, adding to the meat and fish of the meal to come. Finally sitting down you will enjoy tasting and eating all of what you have helped in making those real dishes.

Shukri's fame in this field has led to a number of occasions when he has been televised ( TV3, Planet Food World Wide ) for his knowledge of all the herbs and spices traditionally found and his skill in both the preparation and his innate knowledge of the dishes of his heritage in Kedah.

Recently Shukri was flattered to be visited by a delegation of participants of The Annual World Gourmand Award, being held in Kuala Lumpur. The star guest was a world famous chef and author of cook books, together with her publisher from Paris. This was all covered by a television team for local TV. A fabulous meal was prepared with the traditional help of the local villagers. Laid out in the magnificent dining room, the guests were delightedly impressed at the great dishes and setting.

Cook with Shuk is a hands-on cooking programme for a minimum of two persons and a maximum of ten persons. If a larger group of up to 40 persons, a cooking demonstration of a Malaysian dish will precede the lunch or dinner function.