We have on many occasions provided personally selected menus with selected decorations and layouts for corporations, businesses, and incentive groups.

These have been as luncheons or dinners, with larger numbers in the open section of the main floor or more extensively using the whole ground floor including the beachfront setting. We can thus accommodate as many as 200 people at one setting.

It is possible to request that a client has exclusive use of the whole facilities of The Lighthouse with sufficient notice given and a nominal fee for private booking.

Alternatively the first floor with its open balcony and inside seating arrangement can provide a more secluded setting for smaller numbers.

For individuals a private party or celebration can also use the same facilities. We are able to provide music and/or entertainment suitable for the occasion.

For events such as this we have on numerous occasions provided our exclusive buffet arrangements with a wide range of dishes which can include barbecued meats and fishes or a number of original local dishes which are particularly suited to any party requirements.